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Our Broker is a Charity Broker



When seeking a good broker, your selection criteria should include state of the art technology, security and transparency

Here at Surfing the Pips we are uncompromising when considering brokers with whom we are prepared to deal. There actually is such a broker with whom you can trade well, that has acceptable costs, offers impeccable customer service and transparency. Good people are those who strive to improve the circumstances of their fellow human beings and the World in general. We believe that it’s reasonable to expect a broker to do the same.

Certainly, a broker who is prepared to ‘share the wealth’ by supporting the needy, is a good broker. Such a broker makes our working life more enjoyable in that knowledge, thereby creating a happy atmosphere. As you know, happiness is crucial for us to be successful at anything we undertake.


So, that good broker that DOES exist is REALLY good and is a sharer. That broker is:




Today is a landmark day as we are thrilled to present the very first Social Enterprise broker, ForexNation. The CIC, community interest company, certification is afforded ONLY to those organisations who donate their profits to charity.

An English Company, ForexNation is regulated by the CIC regulator and is non-profit certified as evidenced on the UK Company House website, by the official certificate.

What does it mean? ………..that ForexNation is authorized and regulated “Non-Profit”. This ensures that we are not dealing with a SCAM operation whose address is an unknown Island in the Indian Ocean. But wait….there’s more.

ForexNation has its own internal policy of transparency and will publish its annual budget and fiscal year end results for all to see.


What does Surfing the Pips gain from promoting ForexNation?


Financially – not a cent, in fact there are no affiliation deals to be done with ForexNation. So why DO we promote them? Simple:

We like to share with you everything that is helping us to bloom, to change ourselves and the world in which we live. ForexNation is changing and improving with us and we are more than happy to help them on their journey. The happiness and energy that provides is by far, the best return we could have. For this reason we have added ForexNation to stand alongside our long term partner, Kiva.


So how will it work?


Simply open an ECN Metatrader a/c that accommodates plug-in 1-click trading. Spreads start from 0.0 pips on 29 currency pairs and most metals, plus shares and oil. The fees are very low and ultra-competitive – the deal will be US$4 per lot traded.

In summary, ForexNation customers will receive one of the best deals on today’s markets, as well as the satisfaction and happiness of helping those who cannot help themselves – Win/Win.


The letter from the Founder of ForexNation for all users of SurfingThePips


Danielle-05-low-resHello and thank you for taking a moment.


When I first met Enrico and Davide I was excited to learn of the synergies in our philosophical and practical approaches to trading, happiness and success. Like them, I found my own trading edge when I embraced habits that support high performance – purpose, presence, heart-mind clarity, movement & mindful nutrition. These things inspired me to launch Forex Nation.


Forex Nation is a very straight forward proposition:

  • We believe in plenty;
  • We exist to provide value for everyone with whom we interact;
  • We use our profits for charitable projects that help people, enrich communities and contribute to a better future for the planet.


We don’t ask for donations or charge hidden fees to make this possible. Our traders enjoy all the usual benefits and support provided by other brokers. In fact the main difference you will find trading with us is that your brokerage (whether paid by spread or commission) puts you at the leading edge of conscious change with every trade you make – it’s your vote for the financial services industry to share some of its great wealth for the benefit of many, instead of just a few. We hope you agree it’s an important difference!


In the spirit of full transparency, our website will contain full details of our income, expenditure and charitable trust balance via our voluntarily audited accounts, posted on our website. Our Facebook and LinkedIn pages will provide project reports on our charitable works and the progress we’re making. In addition, as one of our traders you’ll be invited to cast your vote on how we spend the funds generated, and on the specific projects we undertake.


As we live in a participatory universe, every action we take sends out tiny ripples of hope that can create great change. So I’d like to extend a warm invitation for you to join us. Our online application is simple and in most cases doesn’t require any additional paperwork. Just follow the links on our website and our support team will be pleased to help. Alternatively, feel free to join the conversation on our Facebook page or to contact me through LinkedIn where I’ll be very happy to chat one on one.


Warm regards,   image03

Danielle Lehrer

Founder Forex Nation