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The Week-end Intensive E-course


What is it?

The 4 DAYS E-Course is a 12 hour LIVE, INTERACTIVE Forex Trading Webinar you attend in the comfort of your home.


The next e-courses is scheduled for January 15 till 18, 2015


The Webinar will be conducted by:

  • Mr Davide Franceschini, Founder and Chief Trader of SurfingThePips.com
  • Mr Geoff Pyne, Certified SurfingThePips.com Senior Trader


1’199,00 $ (Including Autosurfer Expert Advisor, 6 Months of Interactive Private Workshops, 1 Month of Forex Signals and much more)

In this course, you will learn:

-How to build a clear and effective daily trading plan;

-How to take easy and effective trading decisions (while eliminating most indicators);

-Simple, yet very effective, mental tricks that will aid you in adhering to your Forex trading strategy over the long haul;

-How to completely eliminate over-trading and make more money while trading less;

-How to completely over ride emotions and base your trading ONLY on factual information;

-How to stop gambling and start trading like a pro using calculated risks;

-Ways to build self-confidence in yourself and your system;

-How to properly manage money and protect your account from losses;

-The exact steps to follow in order to gradually accelerate your earnings;

-How to kill fear of losses and unlock your money-making potential;

-How to stay calm and happy while trading successfully;

-The key to maintain a proper trading discipline to achieve your goals;

-The blueprint to define & achieve your weekly, monthly and yearly monetary goals;

My unique, not sold anywhere else, step-by-step Forex strategy built to support the mind:

-Using only a few essential metrics (helps to avoid confusion and bring clarity);

-With precise and easy-to-follow trading rules (helps follow a clear direction);

-Focusing on only ONE pair, using ONE main timeframe and ONE marketplace (helps avoid over-trading); (And yes, there is plenty of money to be made for everyone, on that pair alone.)

-With clear rules created for EVERY situation BEFORE entering the trade: when to enter, when to exit, when to take profits (helps remove stress);

-With a weekly improvement feedback system on the trades taken (helps build self-discipline and self-belief);

-Including my 7 Unique Secret Money Patterns;

-With account size adapted and strict money-management rules (helps remove fear of loss);

-With monthly performance reviews (helps maintain focus on achieving trading objectives).

The Course in Details


1. What exactly is Forex?
2. Who trades Forex?
3. Why Forex is the best financial market
4. How you technically make money trading Forex
5. Why Forex is the Ferrari of trading
6. The tools you need to make money with Forex



• Can I really make money doing this? – The Myths exploded.
• Why SurfingThePips Forex System is different.
• The 5 tools we use, the 7 steps we follow for each trade.
• Be ready for a revolution in your thoughts: a successful man can become a successful trader, not the contrary.
• Trading is 99% psychology and 1% technical skills. You’ll learn who and what you have to control.
• The core philosophy behind our approach to financial markets.
• Be prepared to learn a Forex System and the science to build a Trading System which can be used in any financial market.
• Why and How our SurfingThePips Forex System helps you to become disciplined, to avoid overtrading and to kill emotions.


• When to trade Forex and when not to.
• The timeframes to use and why.
• Technical, Fundamental or Sentimental. Which kind of analysis do you have to use?
• How many currency crosses do you have to trade and why.

30 Min Break


• Less is more: the 5 Analysis tools essential to trade Forex (intro).
• Why you don’t need indicators or; better – Why you need to avoid them.
• Tool #1: The Daily Critical Zones.
• Tool #2: The SurfingThePips trend line rules.

30 Min Break


• Tool #3 The 4 Chart Patterns you have to trade.
• Tool #4: The “crazy way” to use the Pivots.
• Tool #5: The Secret SurfingThePips Candlestick patterns (intro).



• The 7 steps to follow from the beginning to the end of every single trade (intro).
• Step#1: The Daily Brief.
• Step#2: The HotSpots.
• Step#3: The SurfingThePips Secret Candlestick Patterns (intro).
• Step#4: The Master Candle.
• Step#5: The Position Sizing.
• Step#6: The Free Trade Technique.
• Step#7: The Final Exit Rules.

30 Min Break


• The Secret Candlestick Patterns unveiled.
• The Shark Pattern.
• The Rhino Pattern.
• The Church Pattern.
• The Comb Pattern.
• The Contrarian Doji Breakout Pattern.
• The Squirrel Pattern.
• The Porcupine Pattern.

30 Min Break


• SurfingThePips Money Management: how to be the Casino and not the gambler.
• What is the CORRECT initial capital?
• What is “drawdown” and how to automatically limit it, with your Forex System.
• Expectancy and R Multiples. The things brokers don’t want you to know about.
• The Risk/Reward ratio: how a wrong Take Profit rule can erase your account.
• It’s all in your mind: our 4 tips to kill emotions during trading.
• The silent power of our SurfingThePips Trading Diary: what data & text to enter – when and why it’s so powerful.
• Suggested extra-curricular texts and websites.
• So, now I’m a Pro Trader? Is that all there is?
• Introduction to Advanced Techniques: mind empowerment, body empowerment, our Daily Routine for success, how to find YOUR OWN – new secret patterns, how to find investors for YOUR Forex account, how to manage “other people’s money”.

Of course, as the Webinars are all LIVE, both my team & I (all pro traders) are happy to answer ANY Forex trading related question you have.

Availability & Enrolment

Only 15 Seats Available



Course ON DEMAND. For FREE. Forever.

Yeah! If you don’t understand something during the Intensive Course, you got the chance to re-watch it on demand, forever, on our site.

Live Interactive Workshops (6 Months)

Still have some questions to ask? No problem, here what we got: completely FREE access to our Monthly Interactive Workshops.

Email Support (6 Months)

For 3 Months you will be able to send us any question you have by email regarding the tools (Expert Advisor and Metatrader Tools).

Free Updates (6 Months)

As my entire team is always looking for new trading opportunities, we will send you every new profitable Secret Pattern we discover along with the exact explanations on how to trade them.

Daily Templates (6 Months)

Every trading day for 3 Months, you will receive, straight to your inbox, our trading plan of the day, including our “ready to trade” trendlines!

Exclusive “Surf School” Metatrader Tools package

These unique trading tools have been specifically designed to trade our strategy in a stress-free manner, using Metatrader. They are offered to you for free.

The AutoSurfer Expert Advisor 2.0

The AutoSurfer Expert Advisor is our own trading robot, which allows you to trade our “Swing&Relax” strategy in a semi-automatic way.

Once your entry, stop-loss and take profit levels are determined by following the plan, simply enter this information into the robot and the “baby” does the rest!

 Email & SMS Signals (1 FREE Month)

For one month you will receive our Forex signals by email and sms, including exact entry, stop-loss and take profit. Value: €119

 Email & SMS Signals Discounted FOREVER

Subscribe our Forex Signals at 99€/month instead of 199€/month. 100€/month discount forever, until you cancel.

Surprise Bonus

As it is a surprise I can’t tell you much about it apart from its value: 600€!

Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

If, after attending Day 1 you are not completely thrilled by all the actionable information you have received, we will happily refund the total fee of the course. No questions asked.



Can you guarantee I will become a successful trader after following your LIVE week-end intensive E-Course?

I wish I could. But to be honest, no.


Although I do my very best to provide you with the most comprehensive and effective training to become a very successful Forex trader, the only way to achieve results is for YOU to implement what you learn.

And I can’t guarantee something I don’t have control over.

That being said, if YOU do your part of the job: YOU consistently and seriously TAKE ACTION to IMPLEMENT what you learn during the E-Course then I truly believe you can become a very successful trader.

Can I learn your strategy even if I don’t have much experience trading?

Yes, definitely. Much more than experience, what you need is a true DESIRE to make it happen.

On top of that, the Q&A sessions, 1 year free email support, 1 year private weekly videos and all the other tools have been specifically designed to help you implement my strategy successfully, no matter how much or how little you know about Forex trading right now.

Why are you selling your strategy if it is successful?

This question has been asked a gazillion times (or even more). So much that I did a video to explain myself:

Your course is too expensive.

I can’t really help with that as I strongly believe the cost is very low compared to your potential future earnings thanks to it.

And to be honest if you don’t understand the value of investing in yourself to succeed then this course is probably not right for you anyway!

I can’t attend the whole 12 hours. Can I still apply?

Sure! The E-course will be recorded and available for you ON DEMAND forever, for free on our site. If you have particular issues/questions regarding this, don’t hesitate to drop us an email at Contact@SurfingThePips.com.

How is the E-course delivered?

Via Webinars. A Webinar is a LIVE session where the teacher shares his screen and sound with the audience who in turn, can communicate back.

Concretely, you receive a private invitation to join the Webinar through your home computer and can directly attend and interact with us.

What do you mean by “being a good fit for the program”?

I am looking for:

Students who are truly committed to taking action and implementing my teachings.

Students who want to make a real impact in their lives through Forex trading.

Students who have a strong desire to succeed.

That’s what I mean by “being a good fit for the program”.


Email Me at Contact@SurfingThePips.com using the title “Forex E-Course” and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.