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04 July 2013 | Free Daily Analysis | EURUSD : MORE STP (INDEPENDENT) PIPS

Happy 4th July America!
Yesterday’s Report

Though a little quicker than forecast, EUR/USD executed our “Play of the Day” almost to the letter again yesterday: http://clip2net.com/s/5kHQWH . We couldn’t find a setup to play the Short to the Support Trendline but managed to manoeuvre between all the Red News to enter the Long to Daily Pivot. You were rewarded if you grabbed a TP1 of 7pips or better, with a VERY NICE 45 pips total, on the crest of the wave created by the day’s final data release which cruised to target and beyond.

Technical Analysis

With New York in party mode today, the market promises poor liquidity and unreliability. For those reasons – NO TRADING for us and therefore NO LIVE TRADING ROOM.

The Day Ahead

It will feel a little strange but this Thursday will be spent relaxing away from the charts. It was a short week with only three orders placed. Two triggered and went to target and beyond, so plenty of pips banked. Should make the long weekend a happy one – I trust yours is and if it includes 4th July celebrations – enjoy the freedom –

Liberty is the possibility of doubting, the possibility of making a mistake, the possibility of searching and experimenting, the possibility of saying No to any authority–literary, artistic, philosophic, religious, social and even political.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if those ideals were available for all??

Have a great weekend.

Geoff Pyne  


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