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06 DEC 2012 | Free Daily Analysis | EURUSD : A Crystal Clear HotSpot Today


G’day Surfers,

Yesterday’s Report

We dont like to catch top or bottoms, we are different traders. We like to see confirmation or reversal patterns before. I like wide angle┬átrend lines, I like to be safe. Yesterday was just a 60 pips range day, with a small pull-back in a super bullish market. Not our day. How can you think to make some pips in a situation like that? Too risky. If you trade counter-trend days like that, in the long run, your capital will be broken. It’s not how much but how good you trade…remember Surfers.

Technical Analysis

Pretty clean. We got a clear level of potential support (check charts). If the the level hold the trend will continue, otherwise we’ll be ready to find some short below that level, but first, before looking for reason to go short I want to see Daily Pivot tested…or at least an attempt to test it. The Pivot set-up remain bullish.

The Day Ahead
Above the Hot Line of the day I remain bullish….we already have a small long order somewhere there…Forex Signals Surfers know that very well ;)

Have a pippy day Team!

Davide Franceschini | Chief Trader
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