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07 February 2014 | Free Daily Analysis | EURUSD : WHAT A WEEK

G’day Surfers – some ups and downs this week.

Yesterday’s Report

I (tongue in cheek) yesterday suggested the Flag backfire of last week – would recur – it DID! The Short Swing & Relax we had awaited all week triggered after the first Red news of the day. Controversially,  some of our subscribers were triggered into the Swing & Relax Long order, which rode straight to target for others, after the 2nd round of Red News which also took stops on #1.  Your fate with #2 was in the hands of your Broker and some had widened their spreads more than those quoted, when entering the order. This can be the case around news releases and brokers ensure they are “protected” against repercussions, (such as some of you suffered in their disclaimers). As this appeared to be quite prolific yesterday, we have decided not to claim the pips from this trade, in our records. For those who suffered, we feel for you and trust you accept the loss as a “battle” victory to the Brokers and NOT, a win in the ‘WAR’.
Technical Analysis

The Day Ahead

Big game of golf tomorrow so taking it easy. Hope your weekend is refreshing and keen with anticipation of a better week ahead.

Take care.We can always find room for improvement, but sometimes we need to accept that results aren’t always reciprocal to efforts. However, we increase our odds of creating results if we choose to move forward regardless.”  TINY BUDDHA.

Geoff Pyne  
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