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08 Mar 2013 | Free Daily Analysis | EURUSD : VISON PERFECT AS EURO REVERSES

G’day surfers – what a week it’s been.
Yesterday’s Report

The setup was awesome (see: yesterday’s brief)  and the result technically perfect as EUR/USD bounced off our former Resistance Trendline confirmed the very strong Intraday reversal signals & stopped to the pip, at our Daily Critical Zone (DCZ). The first move went straight through the normal resistance that Daily Pivot provides, racing to our first DCZ. A beautiful Secret STP Candle Pattern then appeared at a Hotspot but it’s timing was very poor as it coincided with High Impact News. End result = NO trade. Sometimes 20/20 Vision isn’t enough – yesterday was such a time. Great week for our 2 strategies however with 5 entries netting us 3 winners and 2 break even trades.

Technical Analysis

It’s all about the news out of the USA today and NO place for trading.

The Day Ahead

Charts off – sandals on & a bit of kick back time. The National Rugby League kick off this weekend in OZ will probably mean some time in front of the box with a coldie………gotta love the weekends! Speaking of the footy, I love to look back on some of the quotes that come from our commentators :

That guy is so quick, he can switch off the light and get into bed before the room is dark.’

‘I think he must have an egg-timer – every four minutes, he blows the whistle’

Hope your weekend lasts longer than the “egg timer” – have a good one.

Geoff Pyne  

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