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08 September 2014 | Free Forex Analysis | EURUSD : NFP MAKES NO IMPRESSION

DB 0809 H4
DB 0809 M30

Happy New Week Surfers.

Yesterdays Report

Had the Euro interest rate announcement been scheduled for this week, instead of last, EUR/USD (in my humble opinion) would now be trading at around 1.3300, rather than where it begins the week, @ 1.2935. An horrendous NFP figure on Friday raised a mere ripple in the market, because of the extraordinary rate announcement just 24hrs prior. Interesting days indeed.

Technical Analysis


Thursday’s crash absolutely dominates the Charts and the mandatory consolidation is now ‘in session’. Not surprisingly, this lull in proceedings is taking place where the crash found support – our 1.2945 DCZ. The DP/WP adhesion tends to attract PA as Stilton does mice and the two appear as inseparable as procreating serpents. My expectation then, is for PA to head towards the magnet but I stop well short of pronouncing myself Bullish.

The Day Ahead

The calm ‘after’ the storm is likely to continue but I’ll look to be cheeky and catch a DP Test, if the opportunity presents.

High Impact News


Not today

Magic Monday everyone.
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