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10th July 2015 | Free Forex Analysis | EURUSD, over 1.1100






Dear Surfers, Let’s take a look at the market:

How did it go yesterday?


The price yesterday was swinging between 1.1000 and 1.1100 without wishing to adopt a specific direction. The price respected the trendline support that we highlighted. It could have generated a good profit with one of our signals,however, the trading session was already over. Following our strategy, we cancelled the only one real signal before it entered to market.


Technical analysis

Today EURUSD has gone beyond 1.1100 with a certain force. Today is Friday so we do not trade, however, the price is moving towards a scenario that could give us interesting technical satisfaction next week.


Plan of the day

It is hot and it is Friday so take a cold drink and enjoy the weekend.


 Relevant Economic news:

Following our strategy, on Fridays we don’t pay attention to them .

Surfingthepips staff wishes you all a good day.


Daniele Angellotti Certified Trader |

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