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11th May 2015 | Free Forex Analysis | EURUSD friendship with 1,1200




Dear Surfer friends, welcome to this new week of trading. Let’s take a look at the market.
How did it go yesterday?
We left Friday with the price leaning, after few movements, to the 1.1200 level without blinking. There haven’t been developments, specially from the volatility point of view.


Technical analysis
As often happens, when the price is closed to an important level, you need to wait before making a definite decision. Today we have not tested the DP located in North area of the chart and the triad DWM is indicating a feasible rising of the price. Who knows if this scenario will give us the chance to do a good trading?


Plan of the day
Certainly, our bias is mildly bullish although, as usual, we will have under control the price in case it wants to play a dirty trick on us. However, due to the meeting of the Eurogroup and the fact that today is Monday, we prefer not to trade. We will resume our operation tomorrow.
Important economic news 
All Day EUR Eurogroup Meetings
The surfing staff wishes you a happy Monday.


Daniele Angellotti

Certified Trader | SurfingThePips.com

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