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15 April 2015 | Free Forex Analysis | Quick profit for EURUSD?


Dear Surfers, today we have an interesting day. Let’s see if it will satisfy our expectations.

How things went yesterday

Prices have recorded a huge hike in correspondence to the 14.30 news release, as we may have expected. The amazing thing is that during the afternoon and tonight, prices have lost what they gained, achieving again the 1.0600 zone.

Just one sign for us yesterday, which had theoretically been deleted before the news release: because of its extremely poor risk, people who maintained it active, would have tested a quick TP2. Staying prudent is better.

Technical Analysis

Prices are increasingly facing the weight of the compression’s creation we’re looking at. EURUSD is enclosed between resistance and support trendlines, and it has already tested the DP.

The DWM triad set up continues to be a bear set up, which is condition providing a bias to our operative plan.

Plan for the day

As we told you before, we have a bear bias and we will be waiting for the support trendline prices. However, we can’t exclude a re-tracking toward Northern areas in order to reach the resistance trendline: no problem, we will wait for the prices referring to that zones too.

Notable Economic News

1:45pm                 EUR       Minimum Bid Rate

2:30pm                 EUR       ECB Press Conference


Well, we wish you all the best. See you tomorrow,

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