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15 th June 2015 | Free Forex Analysis | EURUSD waiting for Draghi





Dear Surfer friends, welcome to this new week of trading, let’s take a look to the market.


How did it go yesterday?

Friday, the price had fun like a roller coaster: first it  fell into the 1.1150 area before recovering quickly to the 1.1300 level.

Technical Analysis

Today the price is gradually feeling the weight of the compression data from the trendline support as well as the  resistance that surrounds it. The area of influence of the current price is 1.1200. However, we must point out that DP has already been tested and the configuration of the triad DWM is bullish.

Plan of the day

We have a slight preference for LONG positions mostly because of triad DWM. However, we have several references, including support references,  and therefore we can’t ruled out any operations on the downside. Pay attention to the Mario Draghi speech from this afternoon.
Relevant economic news:

3:00pm EUR ECB President Draghi Speaks


Surfingthepips staff wishes you all a good day.


Daniele Angellotti Certified Trader | SurfingThePips.com

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