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16 May 2014 | Free Forex Analysis | EURUSD : DAMNED IF YOU DO…….

G’day Surfers – oh boy, what a day!!

Yesterday’s Report

It’s sometimes difficult to understand why fate places you in a no win situation but there I was, stuck between a 33 pip range screaming “don’t trade” and a day old S&R order waiting to be triggered – or was it? Seems the Broker differential had some surfers in the short order from Wednesday, where my broker had not yet filled my order, which I cancelled. The result: well for those in the trade, it should have been a winner, with TP1 & TP2 hit. For me – well, the tiny range of Wednesday won me over – or is that “screwed” me over!! Yo-yo doji day that offered no Intraday entries. Ironically, we are now Long on another S&R Trade!

Technical Analysis

Would like some EURO buying please. (is that technical enough??).

The Day Ahead

Relief for me, as I have just arrived home from six weeks filling my brother’s shoes in Sydney, Australia. Love you Bro but sure glad you’re back in the saddle.

Out of the dreariness,
Into its cheeriness,
Come we in weariness,

Have a great weekend – even if not at home.
Geoff Pyne  


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