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19 July 2013 | Free Daily Analysis | EURUSD : A WEEK IN NO MAN’S LAND

G’day Surfers – No change, No direction.

Yesterday’s Report

Quite a familiar feel to yesterday’s market – BORING! The two Key Levels we flagged (1.3115 & 1.3083) were pretty much the range in which Price Action (PA) remained, despite a couple of false breaks. An early Secret Surfing The Pips Candle Pattern once again saw us Long into the Market and Free Trading. A lack of market energy prevented PA reaching our Secondary target however so our final entry this week, produced a Break Even Trade.

Technical Analysis

It was to be expected that EUR/USD would “take a breather” after the massive surge of late last week but a little direction would have been appreciated. If Friday trading doesn’t find it, we’ll be keen to find a breakout next week.

The Day Ahead

2nd Ashes Cricket Test, British Open Golf Day 2, Tour De France – OMG looks like no work today – yippeee.

So when too much sport is barely enough……remember:

When the Great Scorer comes to mark against your name,
He writes not that you won or lost, but how you played the Game.
– Grantland Rice, sportswriter

Have a ball this weekend,

Geoff Pyne  
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