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19th May 2015 | Free Forex Analysis | EURUSD decreases

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Dear Surfer friends, let’s take a look at the market


How did it go yesterday?

Yesterday the price had a continous descent, slow but steady, up to the  1,1300 level. Our S&R strategy didn’t take action in the market and it will be cancelled in the next few minutes.

Technical Analysis

The price has decided to break down and decrease until the 1200 level where it is now waiting for the next move. The DP has not yet been tested while the configuration of the triad DWM is slightly bullish and the DW Pivot rather close.

Plan of the day

A test of the DP would be great for our strategy but it is far so it probably wont happen today. It is more probable that the price decreases later on. We will see how the 1,200 level behaves before making any other decision.

Relevant economic news

2:30pm    USD    Building Permits

Surffingthepips staff wishes you all a fructiful day.

Daniele Angellotti Certified Trader | SurfingThePips.com
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