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25 April 2014 | Free Forex Analysis | EURUSD : NO RANGE BREAK

G’day Surfers – accelerate too late!

Yesterday’s Report

Having waited patiently for a breakout all week, EUR/USD failed again yesterday to break the shackles of the 9 day old 79 pip range. Just the one acceleration point was on offer and we isolated it beautifully. Our Short order expired just prior to News which instigated the mini break South, directly to the target we had set. That’s trading and in the condensed market we’ve seen this past fortnight, it’s no surprise that only news is making the market move. We spotted an opportunity Long on our Swing & Relax strategy, with GBP/JPY. Sadly we were taken in & out in a short burst of volatility that took our stops. My memory is straining to find a quieter week in the markets – a real Easter hangover perhaps? Surf’s due to build – we’ll be there next week to catch a wave or two.

Technical Analysis

I remember this – it’s most useful when the market moves!!

The Day Ahead

It’s ANZAC Day in Australia and New Zealand. A day we set aside to Remember the combined forces of our two countries going to War together for the very first time in the hell that was WW1 & Gallipoli. The Kiwi and the Kangaroo are fierce competitors on the sporting field but always respect the fight and spirit within the other. The Day has become much more than it’s origin – legendary in fact. Sometimes I ask myself why:


I saw a kid marchin’ with medals on his chest.
He marched alongside Diggers marching six abreast.
He knew that it was ANZAC Day – he walked along with pride.
He did his best to keep in step with the Diggers by his side.

And when the march was over the kid was rather tired.
A Digger said “Whose medals, son?” to which the kid replied:
“They belong to daddy, but he did not come back.
He died up in New Guinea on a lonely jungle track”.

The kid looked rather sad then and a tear came to his eye.
The Digger said “Don’t cry my son and I will tell you why.
Your daddy marched with us today – all the blooming way.
We Diggers know that he was there – it’s like that on ANZAC Day”.

The kid looked rather puzzled and didn’t understand,
But the Digger went on talking and started to wave his hand.
“For this great land we live in, there’s a price we have to pay
For we all love fun and merriment in this country where we live.
The price was that some soldier his precious life must give.

For you to go to school my lad and worship God at will,
Someone had to pay the price so the Diggers paid the bill.
Your daddy died for us my son – for all things good and true.
I wonder if you understand the things I’ve said to you”.

The kid looked up at the Digger – just for a little while
And with a changed expression, said, with a lovely smile:
“I know my dad marched here today – this is ANZAC Day.
I know he did. I know he did, all the bloomin’ way”.

D. Hunter
(A veteran of Shaggy Ridge with the 2/12 Battalion in WW2)

   To all my Diggers and mates who fought for my freedom and lifestyle – THANK YOU.   Lest We Forget

Geoff Pyne  
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