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26 June 2014 | Free Forex Analysis | EURUSD : PRE-NEWS BLUES

DB 2606 H4
DB 2606 M30

G’day Surfers – 1.3600 the killer!

Yesterday’s Report


EUR/USD slept for most of the day, waking briefly to react to News, which prompted the Bulls to deliver a killer blow to our Short entry. The dreadfully slow pre-news market and the much talked about 1.3600 prevented us, by less than a pip, of achieveing our beloved TP1 and the rest is history. Our S& R order on EUR/JPY continues to ebb & flow just below entry. It’s a slow old market all right.

Technical Analysis


The new high produced by the News is interesting but I still see the cross ranging. Pivots remain mixed and so does my sentiment. H4 is displaying a ‘once broken’ Channel #1 that has my attention. Perhaps its a delayed Flag and is alerting us to a Bear Picnic? I’ll be watching closely for a break of the Support side. With DP not quite tested today – well, it’s Plan A.

The Day Ahead


I’ll work with Plan A and see if PA can supply me with a Short entry near the Trendline Confluence #2.

High Impact News – CET

2:30pm USD Unemployment Claims

Thrilling Thursday everyone.

Geoff Pyne  


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