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27 August 2014 | Free Forex Analysis | EURUSD : LUCKY SEVEN

DB 2708 M30
DB 2708 Weekly

G’day Surfers – Too much ‘weight’ for pullback.

Yesterday’s Report


The allure of our 1.3140 DCZ on the back of Bearish momentum, were factors preventing a EUR/USD pullback yesterday. To be fair, PA resisted the gravital pull South until late in US Session and our trading day was pretty boring. We spotted the opportunity we sought to trade counter trend and although near to an entry, PA stayed glued to DP throughout our trading day and our Long was not triggered.

Technical Analysis


The 1.3140 DCZ is the focal point today and, as yesterday, I see it as a perfect place for PA to about face. Pivots and Trend are extremely Bearish of course and much care needs to be taken if contemplating a Counter Trend Long. The DP/WP Gap has extended further and the Gap in the market remains open. Not yet convinced – try this one: EUR/USD has seen seven consecutive selling weeks only twice since September 1999 – we are in Week 7! A delicious concoction of Trend vs Tradition.

The Day Ahead


Call me crazy, but should a nice setup occur on the back of some reversal signal, I’m looking Long again.

High Impact News


Not today.

Willing you a Wonderful Wednesday.

Geoff Pyne  


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