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27th May 2015 | Free Forex Analysis | EURUSD, G7 Meeting





Dear Surfer friends, let’s take a look at the market

How did it go yesterday?

Yesterday, the price went down but slowed its run near the support 1.0900, an area of price that certainly requires special attention regarding the cautious movement of the  price at this juncture. There is no signal for us.

Technical Analysis

After testing the DP, the price is holding below 1.0900 but has not yet decided direction to take. We don’t even have  references of the triad DWM. Today, among other things, with the meeting of the G7, the markets are nervous and unpredictable.  However, We still have managed to draw some trendline which can give us some information.

Plan of the day

As mentioned before , today is one of those days we need to be cautious with the choice we make. Eventually, we will enter only with reduced risk and under certain interesting conditions.

Significant economic new

G7 Meetings

SurfingThePips staff wishes you all a fruitful day.


Daniele Angellotti Certified Trader | SurfingThePips.com
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