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Hello everyone,

I introduce myself, I’m Davide, 36 years old, Founder/Chief Trader of Forex financial training site,
I deal with Forex trading for over ten years. Starting as an independent trader, now, thanks to the success of my site, I am a fresh manager of a hedge fund per some major international investors. neither has invented testimonials nor forged false reviews between its web pages, having always asked our customers for reviewing their experience on a separate third party site. In such a way we may be proud of our 4 and a half stars on the renowned international site, a site completely dedicated to independent reviews of education and financial advisory services on the Internet.

One time per week, I will speak of my trading philosophy and everything you need (very little) and do not need (a lot) to become a successful trader you too.

Yes, I have to admit I was somewhat ‘provocative’ with this dichotomy,  needed / not needed, but I assure you that, following my advices, in the next few months you will find that the toughest challenge for the “trader who gains” is primarily to work with removal.

Less is more” as the saying goes, and this adage, if honestly applied, will be useful and powerful in trading more than ever.

The shame is that to understand it, we have often to go through long valleys of tears paved with sleepless nights and burnt accounts.

Here it is, and pressing, a first major difference between a successful trader and a “loser”, the first one never stops. He/she loses, but analyzes him/herself while is in train of losing. We study, measure, learn humbly from our mistakes, we work on ourselves. In other words, as I am used to say,


” OBSERVING OURSELVES WHILE TRADING ” strictly means always being critical of ourselves, being aware and conscious during trading. WE shall be the masters without complying with our worst emotional sides.

Strictly speaking, my trading philosophy is all here.

I’ m OBSERVING MYSELF WHILE TRADING, and from that experience I have taken some lessons. Short, clear, but it’s hard to implement when you are loyal and honest with yourself.

In future articles I will begin to unfold how I did to turn a pastime into my main professional activity, how and why I decided to share my findings with other people and how I managed to persuade some big investors to entrust me the administration of their huge financial holdings.

Going off Surfers!

Davide | Chief Trader at

For those of you who wonder why this bizarre match between Surfing and Forex, I can only say: people please wait, the next article will be devoted entirely to this subject.

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