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Free Daily Analysis | Lively Asia Session and…a little trick on how to trade the next one


G’day surfers,

well I’ve just opened my charts in time to see our Daily Critical Zone and huge resistance level @ 1.3285 broken. After more hits than Elvis, it was surely going to yield at some time. Those trading Asia session may have taken the break with a good entry on M15 (a time frame I recommend during Asia) playing an ABC break of an intraday trendline with a beautiful master candle:  http://clip2net.com/s/1zzDz

For the rest of us – I think you know what I’m going to say………….our trading week may well be over as it will be very difficult to find an entry on Eur/Usd in the next hours. With price approaching DR-2 and no lines to play with – it will be a waiting game today. Nothing is certain however and price may well pullback to our trendlines and give us something to play with.


Should they come back to us, we do have some lines to trade with so all may not be gone just yet. My sentiment however, tells me that the blue sky above the price looks very clear. Consolidation could also give us some intraday lines to use so don’t go away…..there’s more to come.


Have a happy day and wonderful weekend everyone.


Geoff | Certified SurfingThePips.com Trader

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