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Free Daily Analysis | We Are Back…for profit.

Hi Surfers,

we dedicated the last week to the fine tuning of the bran new site.

There was no time for blog updating we are sorry for that.

Today we come back and we have situation pretty changed.

We left the EURUSD in a bearish channel and we found it now inside a superfast bullish one.

As you can check from the chart, we have 4 clear points of contact and the channel is not “official”.

We always prefere to trade with the “current”, so we’ll be looking for long trades.

The problem is that Daily Pivot (below the price right now) has not been tested yet today now and price action is finding resistance on one of our Daily Critical Zones, the 1.311x region.

These levels are working very good once again. It’s amazing how they are always the same. 14 clear daily levels always working pretty good.

So, plan for the day, is to wait price to pullback down to our HotSpot Area and waiting for StP Secret Patterns to appear there.

Right now we are in the classical “No Trigger” situation. Impossible to go long (D-P and resistance at DCZ) and impossible to go short (we are inside a bullish channel).

So let’s just wait market to do what we asked.

It’s very very cool to be back

Have a great trading day all

Davide | Chief Trader



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