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Is Forex trading made for you?

Let me set things straight from the start:

I believe everyone can become able to make a living trading Forex.

Yes, everyone.

But then, why is it so many people never make it trading Forex?

Not so because Forex trading is not made for them. More because they are not (yet) made for Forex trading…

The willingness to change

As stated above, you, as everyone else, have the capacities to become a great Forex trader.

But only if you’ve got the right mentality!

I said it before but your worst enemy, especially when it comes to trading, is yourself.

If you don’t open your mind, if you don’t try different strategies, if you don’t accept and embrace your learning curve, you won’t stay long in the markets.

Some will convince themselves Forex trading is not for them. Or even that Forex trading is a scam altogether!

The truth is they didn’t want to evolve and preferred to give up. (But that’s probably too much for their ego to accept.)

If you always do the same thing, you’ll always get the same results (and will finally quit).

Try, test and constantly improve your system.

As the world moves on, so should you!

The zen attitude

For us, at SurfingThePips.com, the mental has a central place in our strategy.

Because we know we need to stay calm and relaxed in order to take decisions based on facts rather than emotions.

Of course no one becomes a zen master in one day.

But if you can’t progressively learn to trade calmly and confidently, you will never make big money trading Forex.

Becoming a zen master doesn’t mean you should shave your head and walk barefoot. It rather means you got to build a system AND a mental allowing you to stay cool at all time.

Even when you get a series of losses!

The passion

It is pretty easy to get excited by new things.

I mean, the first trading months are pretty exciting, aren’t they?

However, to truly become great at Forex, you’ll have to work at it for years… (more about this later on)

It’s like anything in life, practice makes perfection.

And for you to stick with it, passion has to be there.

In other words, there should be something else about it than making money!

Usually it is the mental challenge that is really appreciated by traders.

Enjoy what you’re doing and money will follow!

The time

The next time you get to read about someone very successful at Forex trading, don’t get jealous. Better ask yourself: how long has he been at it?

In his brilliant book, outliers, Malcolm Gladwell concludes his researches by stating that you need an average of 10,000 hours of active practice to become an expert at something.

Think about all the best people out there in sports, acting, business… How long have they been at it?

Not a few years only. Certainly not a few months (apart from Bieber).

More like several decades and often a whole life dedicated to their craft!

What about you?

How long have you been actively trading Forex?

Even if you trade 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, you’d need over 12 years of trading to become an expert as defined by Gladwell.

Do you need to be an expert in order to rack a lot of money? Not necessarily.

But making it big after a few months only is very, very, very rare.

Conclusion: Are YOU (yet) made for Forex trading?

Probably not. But every step you take is a step closer to it…

As long as you are willing to:


-become a zen master;

-act with passion;

-be patient…

You just need to keep walking!

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