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Is there a PDF where I can learn your Secret Patterns?

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The answer is by our Certified Trader Geoff Pyne from Australia.

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is there a guide where I can learn all the StP candlestick secret patterns?


it would be great to have it!


Hi Jason’ thanks for your question. Short answer is no and there’s a very good reason for that being the case:

As someone who has come through the StP system I feel qualified to assure you that there is NO substitute for “on the job” training. This is not only true for learning a currency trading strategy but for just about every life experience I can conjure.

Since inception, the StP School is very much based around “hands on” learning from both teacher & team member. One of the most common faults candlestick traders make is trading the candles out of context. They have learned the formations from a book WITHOUT being shown the correct application of the setups and well………….the results are predictable! Whilst we ARE NOT candlestick traders, we certainly recognise their value and use them in our own way, to give us precise entries and stop losses.

The StP Strategy IS NOT a clinical method of trading because it understands that people ARE NOT clinical, emotionless machines that can be programmed by scanning page after page of diagrams and text. Rather, we are complex creatures who need to see the big picture and all it’s components, before we truly understand the subject matter. This IS achievable, but ONLY by watching the big picture come together, piece by piece.

So what I’m saying Jason, is that we believe creating a physical list of the unique StP Patterns, would be the same as putting you on the ocean in a row boat, without oars. Sadly, that’s precisely what a lot of rogue “educators” do!

There is NO fast and easy way to master this market Jason and the VERY BEST way, is to watch a pro at work, ask as many questions as you can think of, participate by submitting assignments (create your own daily briefs) and do it every day that you can until it becomes second nature. At that point, you won’t ever need a text book or diagrams again.

Enjoy the journey Jason,



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