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The 6 Compartments You SHOULD Open For Profit In Forex

Do you really want to start earning with online trading? Well, there’s no escape: if you are really motivated to
add a further income to your usual work or even if you want to become professional traders, you must check
that your efficiency is as well organized as the one of a company.

I always mention it during my courses and I do whatever I can to help my students to reorganize their
approach when it seems too improvised, both on a mental and on a practical level.

The concept that I am explaining to you in this article is crucial, and if it is well understood and correctly put
into practice it will transform you from a frog ( simple backer) into the Prince of Trading ( entrepreneur). is the only website that, besides teaching a simple and efficient trading strategy, also
teaches how to reorganize all the surrounding issues. Having a good strategy without all the rest is like
having a Formula 1 engine installed on a Chrysler Matiz. You will run like a rocket for the first few metres but
then you will soon disintegrate into a cloud of smoke.

Having a good strategy without organizing one’s own “Trading Company”, as I like calling it, means falling
into the classical trap of the “Italian but American food”. You will now ask me what I am talking about.
Simple: as an Italian I know very well that in Italy you can eat the best pizzas, but who are the ones that earn
the most in the pizza market in the whole world? The American Pizza Hut and Dominos Pizza. As an Italian
I know very well that in Italy you can drink the best coffee in the world, but who are the biggest earners in
the whole world in the coffee market?? The American Starbucks, obviously. Shall I go on? Is it necessary to
mention the New Yorker Häagen-Dazs for ice-cream? Ok, I’ve already done it :)

My point is to emphasise that what makes the difference in the business world is not (only) the product, but the

Anyone in Italy can bake their own pizzas better than Pizza Hut does, but nobody can hope to get the same
profit out of it as Pizza Hut does.
Trading is as much a business as any other: you don’t need to have the best strategy, you need to be
Being organized means having a talented boss, well-functioning departments and smooth processes
which make them interact successfully.
You are your own bosses, and I will explain to you how to build up your departments straight away.

Everything originates from an idea. How do you think IPhones, folding bicycles and breathing shoes were
born? Out of a fulguration, an illumination, an enthusiastic idea. This part is fundamental. Even if you have
another trader inspire you( me, for instance) it is important that you personalize your Trading Strategy with
some personal addition, something belonging only to you. Without an idea, nothing will ever happen. My
favourite idea was the one regarding the Master Candle. If you’d like to know something more about it, I will
wait for you during my Intensive Courses.

Any serious business has a plan. Even the former Communist countries had the so-called Five-Year Plans.
Nothing can be created without planning it. Our plan is the Daily Analysis. Each day and at the beginning of
each session we plan our next move if the price goes towards a determined direction, how much we will risk
if we enter a specific trade, etc…If you lack a detailed plan while trading, you could go to your nearest casino
and try your luck with a slot machine: chances of learning will be the same.

The noblest and hardest part, that is putting into practice what we have established in the Plan. It looks easy,
doesn’t it?. Actually, right here is where most traders fail. Strong discipline and mental focus will make the
difference here. Obviously, having an easy strategy to follow, with strict rules, helps being more methodical
and controlled.

Budget auditors. My God, even the name makes me shake all over. With their ice-cold eyes, relentless, they
measure the performance of our work. They keep the accounts without excuses. Our Management Control

is ” Surfing The Pips Diary”. Each time a trade ends, we must note a list of things with honesty, and evaluate
how good, afraid or clumsy we have been. If you do not keep an efficient Diary, with the right columns to
fill in, you will never improve. How can you know if you have improved if you do no know where you have
started from?


The very famous Argentinean singer Mercedes Sosa used to sing “Todo Cambia” when she was seen
in Nanni Moretti’s latest film “Habemus Papam”. Everything changes, people and the world surrounding
us. Close your eyes and open them back, imagining to jump some thousand years ahead. Whatever
surrounds you now will not be there anymore. Is it sad? It is not for us to answer, but what is sure is that ,
since everything changes, also our Forex system must adapt to the change. In order to do so, Innovation is
necessary, and in order to innovate we need to observe. Once we have observed the market of the previous
week with creative eyes, ideas will not delay in arriving. In my case, each weekend I study the market of the
previous week in order to find new patterns. Once I find them, I pass on to the test department…ok, I just
wanted to say that! I test them for at least three months and then there we go…ready to print hard cash J
If you think to do trading with the same identical strategy for all your life you are totally wrong: change will
overwhelm you..


Last but not least is the Fund Raising department. If you have proved to yourselves that you have built a
Personal Trading Company creating money in a constant and not excessively risky way, you are then ready
to rake up a bit of money on the “business angels” Unless you are millionaires’ children there is no possibility
you can earn your living with trading. I consider living as living well. Wealthily, allowing my family and myself
any comfort and all the beauty in the world. Living is not a matter of simple surviving.
Well, being able to do so we need to lie on “the giants’ shoulders”. As all big entrepreneurs do, borrowing
money from those who have money, but do not have your ideas and skills. They are out there waiting for
you. The world is full of people of that kind. Think big.
If you do not worry about finding the funds for your trading you will hate trading in the long term. You will hate
it because it will disappoint you, since it will not be able to change your life. Only with a large capital you will
be able to revolutionize your existence risking little and trading with peace of mind.

And now? Now it’s your turn, check calmly and try to understand if your Personal Trading Company is
supplied with all the departments that I have listed to you. If there are some lacking, you will have to create them as soon as possible.

And if you need a hand, you now where to find us

See you at the next wave!

Davide Franceschini | Chief Trader



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