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When the ‘final curtain’ falls on the world as we know it, the records will show that somewhere between the first half of the 20th Century and script’s end, a great catastrophe took place. After reading the following article, you will discover that when mankind forgot how to communicate with themselves, the film’s final act was written……………


It would be wonderful to be a fly on the wall when that occurs, if only to hear the speculation as to what caused the “clever” animal to lose the plot.
If you accept that we as a species, are on/have taken the wrong path….what do you think diverted us from our course to eternal happiness? Was it a seismic collision, perhaps a cosmic disturbance, giving women the vote, 9/11? My own perception is that we have adopted an obsession with……..well, THINGS!
If we are honest with ourselves the Technology Revolution has created just as many issues, as it has solved…..maybe more! Top of the ‘negatives’ would have to be that most people are endowed with a PC, a laptop, a tablet and a smart phone. All of which are designed to make us ‘Socially connected”. Don’t get me wrong – that is AMAZING! But….it is also incredibly destructive, if misused! Is that not the same with everything in life? It’s an interesting topic…..yes?


It seems these days, that whenever our eyes are open, they are on ‘things’, rather than people, family, friends…..ourselves! Whilst we are concentrating our energies on external entities, what’s happening inside us? To be perfectly frank – not much at all because we cannot be in two places at one time – we are not relying on our inbuilt resources to perform day to day functions and like the mantra says: Use it, or lose it!


People were created to be loved…………..Things were created to be used
The reason the world is in chaos is because Things are being loved and People are being used.


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