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The More You Share The More You Get. Join us on Kiva

Hello Surfers,

we just made a loan using the beautiful site Kiva.org

Kiva is a micro-credit site where you can lend money to small business all around the world.

You know, we strongly believe that “The More You Share, The More You Get” and that “If You Want To Be Rich, Start Act As A Rich Now”.

That’s it! What’s the best way to feel like rich? To become a bank of course :)

I never liked (except for short period emergency) charity, I really love micro-credit. Why? Easy, charity create a hierarchical dynamic between the giver and the receiver. Micro-credit is a win-win situation.

There’s no master and no slave.

Today we made a loan to this company:



They are the Badegna Group, they sell shoes and clothes in Mali.

We also created a SurfingThePips Kiva Group to lend, as a group.

Join us here and start..acting like a rich today! :)

Davide Franceschini | Chief Trader


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