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The Perfect Trader Morning Routine

Today I want you to read this nice article I found on the web about, and make it “trading-compatible”:

Yes, the article is about the fact that:

The first action you take in the morning may seem innocent or forgettable, but it sets the tone for how we handle the day.

I totally agree with the writer, that’s why I never check email and the market as soon as I wake up. This is my everyday morning routine:

1) I hear the alarm ringing and while still in bed, I make an image of what to reach in the upcoming day. I want to feel the same exact sensation as the success is already reached.

2)  I then wake up up kissing my wife

3) I clean myself

4) I meditate

5) I make my 3 favourite Yoga Asanas

6) I do a fast breathing exercise

7) I have breakfast with my family. An organic, fresh and low-fat one.

8) I help people to exit the home in time

9) I reach the PC and start the job

This is my morning routine. As you can see, email checking is the last thing I do, not the first one and this, trust me, will help you to, be happier and of course make more money in Forex Trading.

Read here the rest of the interesting article (

 Davide Franceschini | Chief Trader

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