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06 June 2014 | Free Forex Analysis | EURUSD : ENJOY THE RIDE?

G’day Surfers – what was THAT?

Yesterday’s Report

What a ride it was – ECB drops rates (as expected) sending EUR/USD to 1.3500 (as expected) BUT THEN, straight back to positive territory!! No wonder I’m not a fan of fundamentals! Technically, it was impossible to entertain being in the market yesterday with absolutely no PA prior to the News. No trades for us.

Technical Analysis

After yesterday, nothing would surprise but NFP certainly rules the market today.

The Day Ahead

Trying to get my head around social media and how best to connect with the rest of the world. It’s something I’ve being trying to avoid (can’t teach an old dog new tricks – right) but if I want to live in the 21st Century – I need to go with it so here goes……………….

“Man is a product of nature, a part of the Universe. The Universe is operated under exact natural laws. Man is a product of millions of years of evolution. He adapts himself to the laws of nature or he perishes.”

- James Hervey Johnson
Have a fantastic weekend.
Geoff Pyne  


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