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15 August 2014 | Free Forex Analysis | EURUSD : WEEK ENDS WITH PROFITABLE BANG

G’day Surfers – Classic STP Winner.

Yesterday’s Report

PA waited for the ‘all but’ last session of the week to deliver our wages but it was worth the wait. A lovely Doji wedged itself in the middle of our Pennant, enabling us to place an OCO. The counter trend Long triggered, took a while to ‘warm up’, but went straight to target once it did. Truly a classic example of the strategy at it’s best and a nice way to go into the weekend. Our long suffering Short S&R order failed to trigger and (reluctantly) it has now been cancelled in respect of our No Trade Friday policy.

Technical Analysis

I’m hoping the Bears can wait a little longer!

The Day Ahead

Preparing for a week off so the fresh addition to the ‘pocket’ will come in handy :).

I look forward to the break and trust you all keep well and the profits continue to roll in my absence.

P.S. You guys know the Ebook has been released right? –

Too much work, and no vacation,
Deserves at least a small libation.
So hail! my friends, and raise your glasses,
Work’s the curse of the drinking classes.

~Oscar Wilde

Geoff Pyne  


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