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19th June 2015 | Free Forex Analysis | EURUSD from 1,1400 to 1,1300




summing pool freiday



Dear Surfers, Let’s take a look at the market:


How did it go yesterday
Yesterday the price faked a challeging ascents to ended up closing the session  at almost the same level where it began.

Technical analysis

The price has moved feebly , during the whole night and morning,   just below 1.1400 ,  before falling at an altitude of 1.1300.

Plan of the day

Today is Friday, and as usual, just enjoy your day with your loves.


Relevant economic news:

Nothing to add today.

Surfingthepips staff wishes you all a good day.


Daniele Angellotti Certified Trader | SurfingThePips.com

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