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26 SEP 2012 | Free Daily Analysis | EURUSD : You Can’t Make Money When The Market Doesn’t Move

Hi Team,

today is Spaghetti English time, with me, the founder of this crazy group, Davide Franceschini.
Yesterday’s Report

What a battle. We entered two times, buying some Pounds against the Yen and some Euros against the Dollar, but there was nothing to do. We had a double false break-out and, thanks to our Free Trade Technique, we ends up with our account intact. Many thanks to this beautiful trade management technique, it’s so relaxing to be in a trade without the fear of a loss. Both trades gave Free Trade in a few minutes, the Pound one, in seconds! Anyway you can’t blame anybody if there was no profit. Remember, Market is the Lord, The Queen, the Kind and the Country. You can make money when he goes up, when he goes downs, you def. can’t when he’s not moving. 

Technical Analysis

As you can see from the screenshot situation is pretty the same since the beginning of the week for me. EURUSD is consolidating in a gigantic bullish flag. I’m still more bullish than bearish, still looking for some reasons to buy. Pivots are in mixed set-up and Daily Critical Zone at 1.2908 has been broken during Asia session. So? Let’s say my sentiment is 55% bullish, 45% bearish. But as you know we never trade our sentiment, we are scientist. We’ll look for StP set-ups tuning our risk per trading according to this sentiment consideration. 

The Day Ahead
As written before, we need to find the StP set-up, favouring the longs. Right now there’s a lack of good lines in the M30 chart. No good resistance, no good support. We need to see some line building there and then make some consideration. I’ll keep you updated via Skype (members only) and via Twitter.

High Impact News

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Have a great day
Davide Franceschini | Chief Trader and Founder at
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