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I’ve just quit my job, got a few thousand dollars spare cash and want to start full time now…

Can someone help?

Here’s my best advice mate: Call your ex boss and beg him/her to take you back right now.


What you really need to get started:

1) A source of income or enough spare cash to get by for a few years

Unless you’ve got 3 years worth of living expenses in front of you, you’d better not quit your job.

Trading is an exercise of the mind and your only worry when trading should be…


Getting started with it desperately wanting to make money is like doing bungee-jumping without a bungee.

Quite impossible.

2) Quality Time

Not a lot.

If you’ve got 2 hours per day that’s more than enough.

But if you’re an alone mom with 3 kids and 2 jobs, you’re probably not in a position to trade Forex right now.

By the way, these 2 hours shall only be dedicated to trading.

It is you, alone in a room, with your computer. No distractions whatsoever.

3) The right mindset

I want to make a lot of money trading Forex.


I want to make money trading Forex.


I want to trade Forex.


I want to learn Forex trading.


I want to dedicate my entire life to learning Forex trading.

Err, this one is probably a bit too extreme! But you got the point.

Forex trading is a skill you need to learn. And like with every other skills, it takes time and commitment to master it:

-Read books, forums, blogs about Forex trading;

-Subscribe to SurfingThePips.com :-);

-Double your demo account TWICE before opening a real one;

-Keep a trading journal;

-Learn from your mistakes;

-Learn from your successes;

And above all: Keep calm and carry on.

4) A punching ball

The punching ball will help you get through.

Other hobbies or sports that really help you to relax can do too.

Forget about the traders from movies who look stressed out at all time. Your goal is the opposite: to become the coolest trader of the world.

Hence the need for an escape from trading when you’re not in front of the computer.

Damn Forex, is it all well worth?


Forex trading allows you to make your own timetable.

Forex trading allows you to free yourself from others.

Forex trading allows you to potentially earn a lot of money.

And as with every goal worth pursuing, the journey IS the reward…

(But don’t quit your job yet)

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