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5 things you have to do to obtain financial freedom through Forex


Learning how to look at ourselves while trading and be happy before, and not after, trading. These are the two key concepts which we have introduced and which our Trading Strategy is based upon.

With this article I wish to start giving you some more practical advice on how to obtain that “mental preparation” without which any Trading System would prove totally unsuccessful.

You’ve all been there, including myself. A new system every month: the first week we are all excited, but then all the thing vanishes and we feel the need to have extra indicators , till we feel the tremendous urge to test another system and then all over again and again.

Just as drug addicts are. At the beginning you all are drug addicts, but when you realize that you graphic has become more similar to a Christmas tree than to a serious analysis instrument, then there’s something that flashes in your head.

Believe me, with the massive growth of Forex in these last years, a lot of people got ruined (I have personally met people reduced to their beam-ends after burning out entire patrimonies) and only a few have succeeded in becoming seriously rich.

Do you want to know how?

Simply because they were ready to do things that most of people did not want to do.

More precisely these 5 simple things, absolutely necessary in order to obtain the longed-for financial independence through trading:


You must be capable of building an extremely powerful self-esteem. You must learn how to study yourself and gradually putting aside the emotions driving you during operations. Once again stress, the number-one killer of contemporary human beings all over the world.

In the next articles we will deeply focus on how to pursue this target. At the moment you just need to know that it is possible; you just need to learn it and to want it in a general sense.


You must accept your losses. Losses are certain. There is no way you can avoid them.

But there is a way to know in advance if these “damned” losses will be smaller than the gains.

This does not mean transforming yourself in Nostradamus; as already said, the market is unpredictable but a powerful Trading System, tested and run in time, is capable of making you accept losses as the normal cost of any business.

Here there is another trick: transform losses in costs .Trading is as such as any other business, but the good thing is that it does not practically have initial costs.
Better said, it does have them and these are the cost you will burn in the first months.

Afterwards, if you keep your stamina and understand certain issues, you will realize that there isn’t a most beautiful and agile form of business.


There are many ways of trading on the Forex. These range from very active ones, sometimes even hectic, to more relaxed ones. It is absolutely crucial that you decide first which side you want to be on. Even better, try them both but then make a clear choice.

If you are smart (and I am sure you are), you will understand it before trading with real money, using the many free DEMO accounts available on the Net. If you are less, you will learn it at your own costs with the losses you will record.


Learning from someone who has already gone through the bitter humiliation of the burnt accounts and has brilliantly survived all this is the most effective shortcut to achieve the status of professional trader.

Through the careful selection of a good coach you will surely be capable of shooting ahead (without burning your accounts with the brokers).

It is just as anything else in life. If you want to learn something, you must invest in knowledge.
Do you really believe that you can learn how to manage big amounts of money in such a competitive market only through a DIY philosophy?

All works of big responsibility require years of study and apprenticeship. Forex requires the same thing.

You must imagine yourselves as doctors: the mouse is your scalpel, and your capital is your patient. There is no need for me to tell you how much a doctor must study before starting practicing surgery. All works of responsibility require passion and much time devoted to apprenticeship. We cannot skip that.

Let me repeat that: We cannot skip that.


Nothing remains as it is.

As everything changes in life, also does the market.

It is necessary to study it as you study a book. Reading the market, better during the weekend when it is still, analyzing how it has behaved during the week, writing some weekly reports, making some hypotheses and slowly adding new rules to your Trading System.

Rules that before being added must be tested in demos for many weeks.

In the next lessons we will analyze each of these items in order to fully understand their importance and learn their practical usage.

See you at the next wave, Surfers!

Davide | Chief Trader

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