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These Are Not Good Traders

Hello Surfers,

yesterday, the beautiful Italian online newspaper “The Post”,  published an illuminating photo gallery about traders.

The photos you can see in this link, are the exact opposite of our trading strategy. The gallery shows us men / women defeats, sacrificial victims of emotions. Humans disheartened, crushed, they seems more hooligans in the stadium than traders. In the words of the Buddha, the string of the violin does not sound good if it is too loose or too tight, it must be in the middle to produce the right harmony. With the right voltage. Stable. Still.

We at SurfingThePips.com look with compassion towards these slaves of modern capitalism schizophrenic, conscious of our diversity. For us, trading, has to be just a tool to enjoy life, the real one. These traders are clearly in a trance, they always look at the price, they look for salvation from the outside, not the inside. We look at the price  for only 5 minutes every half hour. We know that this is the key to profitability. These pics seems to be taken inside a betting agency, they are the exact evil for us. These people appear not in control, they seem under the influence of drugs.

Hey yes, some recent articles on newspapers seem to confirm thatThe Guardian says that the crisis of 2008 and the subsequent micro-crises are largely due to cocaine assumption by traders. This does not surprise me at all. Cocaine is the drug of our times. it is a powder people take to improve performances. There are drugs to “trip” and drugs to be “more here”. The problem is that we are always talking about drugs. Things that mess up with our brain and it ends up being the exact opposite. These people are totally in the grip of anxiety, with an inflated ego and obtusely full of themselves, until the effect ends and you find yourself with the harsh reality before their eyes. The failure.

We are different. I always say to the students of our Forex Trading Courses. Never beat yourself  for a loss, but at the same time, do not ever cheer for a gain! Important. You have to be always in the middle. Only in this way  will you be sure to be YOU in control and not emotions and external energies. Learn to become like the lion. Sleeping … apparently. When you see the prey you wake up with all the determination in the world to make it yours, otherwise you remain impassive, almost dormant.

Only in this way you will get financial freedom.

Davide Franceschini | Chief Trader

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